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Currently available for freelance projects

Developer and designer drawing inspiration from the diverse culture of Queens, working as an independent creative crafting memorable experiences.


Having started as a graphic designer and transitioning into a creative developer gives me a unique perspective and understanding in merging both visual aesthetics and modern technology.

Creative developer with a design background, crafting immersive digital experiences that combine creativity and functionality.
Core Tools

JavaScript serves as the backbone for adding interactivity and implementing intricate functionalities within web applications. It enables the creation of dynamic features such as virtual scrolling, smooth page transitions, advanced text manipulation, and captivating animations.


WebGL is a powerful tool for creating immersive and interactive 3D graphics directly within web browsers. As a JavaScript API, WebGL harnesses the GPU's capabilities, enabling the development of visually stunning and high-performance web applications.


A javascript runtime environment that allows to build dynamic and responsive web applications, by creating interactive elements and handling server-side tasks.


Preferred headless CMS, Prismic allows clients to seamlessly manage their website content, facilitating instant updates on the live site without developer intervention, providing clients with autonomy and real-time control over their website content.

Selected Works

Design and development for a multi-cloud solutions company specializing in cloud consulting, migrations and cloud native development.

Crypto Repair
2023Creative DevelopmentInteraction DesignVisit Case Study

Course project taken on Awwwards taught by Luis Enrique Bizarro, showcasing WebGL, GSAP and virtual scrolling techniques

2021Creative DevelopmentVisit Case Study
Currently available for freelance projects
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Queens, NY, USA

For any collaborative projects or inquiries feel free to reach out to me.

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